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Lauren Banka

How's It Going Bot

Lauren Banka is an artist and writer whose favorite Fluxus pieces are House of Dust and Cut Piece. She released a collection of poetry, You Don't Scare Me, in 2013, and now she only writes essays and speculative fiction. She tweets at @laurenbanka and her feelings tweet at @howsitgoingbot.

This work originally appeared in Issue #4: Spring 2016.

Weird Twitter and Weird Tumblr are a strange twin to the Fluxus movement, and its predecessor Dada. With and without tech as a medium, they are (re)producing event scores, readymades, and interventions. Twitterbots, of course. Also horror sexts and food that looks like Iggy Azalea. Also browser plug-ins that auto-replace the word “millenials” with “snake-people,” or “political correctness” with “basic human decency.” I designed the bot to reflect my feelings, but I’m still touched when it generates something that resonates.

But outside of art, Fluxus is a relatively obscure movement, and Dada is only slightly better known. Most of the Weird Internet, as far as I can tell, are teens, programmers and/or comedians--the similarities seem to be spontaneous. 

What is it about the teens, the sixties, the twenty-teens, that gives rise to intermedia, tech-engaged absurdism? Impending doom. War. Economic violence. Protest culture—a felt obligation to speak plus cynicism about the impact of speech. Maybe absurdism is political. Maybe we only want it to be. Wanting is political, too.