Contributor FAQs


Contributor FAQs

Submissions should include a project title (if you wish), full caption info (title, date, medium, dimsensions, photo credit if applicable), a short bio (~75 words), and web + social media links.

Please do not include a layout.

What should my submission include?

What are the tech specs?

Images should be hi-res (300dpi if possible, 2000 pixels along the longest edge) and text should be sent via word or google doc.  Please be in touch if you have questions about other forms.

How much should I send you?

If you want to talk through things before you submit we are here for you in any way you want, and it can be helpful for us know to what you plan on submitting as we plan out the issue. We typically ask for more images than we can run (up to 20) and run a selection across 2-3 spreads.

Once invited, your invitation to submit remains open and you may submit to later issues. Just email us when you’re ready! We also send out reminders of each issue’s deadline. If you will be late to submit but still want to submit, please email us and we can make a plan that works for all of us, whether that’s a short extension or reaching out to you at another determined date.

What if I can’t submit to the issue I am invited to contribute to?

Please email us if you will be late with your submission and we can develop the best way forward, whether that is using placeholder images, moving your submission to a later issue, or something else. Because of our curatorial strategy, we often do not know how long our issues will be until we receive submissions, and sometimes may need to hold pieces for a later issue simply based on our printing restrictions. Submissions are held in the order they are received (last submitted is first held).

What if I submit late?